Wednesday, January 23, 2008


April 4, 1979 – January 22, 2008 ....Another promising young actor departs...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I'm a fan of Mark Whalberg movies. Especially after "The Departed". I knew this one was an out and out action movie. So I went along for the ride. Not a bad movie, for an action movie that is. It doesn't pretend to be any thing else. Whalberg is a sniper, stuck in a conspiracy, fighting to clear his name...yeah he also has the mandatory sidekick. YEAH YEAH there is a girl thrown in there too. A decent ride for an action movie. I liked it...well kinda ;)

Run Lola Run

I had heard SO much about this movie. For once it lived up to every bit of the hype. It has a time loop running through the movie on the same lines as "Primer". The movie is in German so if you do not mind a movie with subtitles watch this one WELL worth the time!!


I didn't expect much from this one. That is exactly what I got...not much. It is not even a thrilling ride. Most of the action is drab. Not much scope of acting in movies like this anyway. Just about ok if you HAVE to kill time and get this movie for free. You'll be able to watch the whole movie but will forget it's name 5 seconds after it is done!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I wanted to watch this one coz of Nicolas Cage. Don't repeat the same mistake. Cage's character is able to see a couple of minutes into the future and thus can save the world from impending danger...hmm... Absolutely terrible movie. Crappy premise, no script completely predictable. A good cast wasted. Don't even watch it if you get it for free.

Mr Brooks

You must have seen lots of movies about hunting down a serial killer and bringing him/her to justice. This one is from the killers perspective. This movie is one of my favorites of 2007 till now that is. Costner, Hurt And Demi Moore brilliant cast doing what they do best. There were rumors that this will be the the first of a trilogy. I hope that is true :)

Free Jimmy

It was billed as the best film out of Norway by some people. It is also the first computer animated movie from Norway. But is by no means meant for kids. It is black comedy and a decent movie. Nothing great but is fun while it lasts. I loved the ending though!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I had heard SO much about this movie. People said forget Equilibrium. Me being a Christian Bale fan thought it would be worth a watch. Bad decision!! The script is pretty weak although the idea is nice. It is like a bad adaptation of Isaac Asimov or Philip K Dick book. Apart from a few well shot action sequences and gun battels all in all a let down. Wouldn't recommend this one!


This movie was a complete surprise. I expected a run of the mill thriller which although it was. Also, it WAS predictable as predicted but was still quite enjoyable. Worth a watch I think. And yeah Carrie-Anne Moss is wasted as the mother I think...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dial M for murder

Oh man! how can I review Hitchcock's creation without being partial well I can't so I will. A great thriller, having all the mandatory ingredients Murder, Greed, Love etc. Has been remade in bollywood as Aitbaar. I loved it. You might too if you don't mind watching old movies without slick tech effects...

Black Hawk Down

Set in Somalia, this movie with an all star cast is about a failed attempt by the elite companies of the US army to capture a Somalian war-lord in Mogadishu. Adapted from a book and based on a true story it is worth a watch if you are a History buff and/or like war movies. A bit long but Ridley Scott does a fine job...


This was one hell of a movie. I remember watching it back in 2003. We weren't expecting much from it and ended up watching it as we did not get tickets for our "first choice". BTW this one has a bollywood rip-off too. Some movie starring Shilpa Shetty. Movie is about 10 strangers who have something in common. Any way if you like Thrillers watch this one well worth it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spider Man - 3

Too Long.
Too Emotional.
Too many villains.
Too wimpy.
Too Melodramatic.
Basically CRAP!!

P.S. Mr Tobey Maguire WHATEVER you do you can't look cool. Just because you try to walk like Travolta or wear black or don't comb your hair won't make you either cool or edgy!! You may be a good actor but you are not THAT good!

Monday, January 1, 2007


This one is the third in Iñárritu's trilogy on death. Similar to the previous two movies (21 grams, Amores perros), this one too looks at multiple lives, coping with death and have something in common.

If you are looking for a good time this weekend give this one a moss. However, if you want to watch a GOOD movie, this one is for you. Will definitely make more sense to people who have actually lost someone close to them. Anyway, the movie is depressing in parts. Some scenes are brilliant like the one in which the deaf Japanese girl is in a disco, trying to fit in. If you are not used to watching a movie with subtitles then this on might be a bit disconcerting as English forms a very small part of the dialogues. I liked it and would recommend this one.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Der Untergang

Evil and death are ALWAYS fascinating.

Most of us grow up listening to urban legends of crimes and deaths of famous people. Great ones and ones loathed by eveyone, well almost everyone.

So this weekend, I finally got my hands on Der Untergang(The Downfall). A german movie about the last days of Hitler in his bunker. It is worth EVERY SECOND of it. The best part about the movie is its neutrality. It doesn't judge Hitler, his actions or any of his follower. It is shot in a "matter of fact" way of this is what happened.

If you have heard about Hitler escaping from his bunker via a tunnel, or the fact that he was caught alive. Watch this one. It is based upon the events as recalled by some of the survivours from that bunker.

For a more detailed description of the plot checkout the wiki page